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(written by Rob and Dave in September, 2001, at the start of the Afghan war)

"An attack against freedom", Bush has said. Six and a half thousand people are dead.

"How could this happen, to a holy nation?" the country asks in indignation.

"We'll preserve our way of life." he said. Six and a half thousand people are dead.

Freedom is the catchword we hear. But what do they mean? Let's get it clear.

From the rubble of the terrorist scene, come the clues to America's dream.

Twin Towers of greed, a building of war. These are the gods that she stands for.

Thoughts turn quickly to stocks and prices, The economy, he says, is facing a crisis.

Death is God's warning: Examine your soul! But working for God is not their goal.

It may take wars, deceit, and oppression, but they will have their one obsession.

The American dream is to increase wealth, exploiting the world to better herself.

'Infinite justice," is what he has said. Six and a half thousand people are dead.

The bombers died too, but that's not enough. To appease our anger he must talk tough.

Eighty-two billion won't buy back the dead. Nor will it erase this terrible dread.

But "We'll wipe out the source," is what he said. Now six and a half million people have fled.

The only solution to mankind's woes, is to love our neighbours and our foes.

The way to be happy and avoid all war is to share our wealth, not strive for more!

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