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The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. Isaiah 32:5

The 32nd chapter of Isaiah is a description of what it will be like in the kingdom of heaven. We believe the kingdom of heaven already exists in an imperfect state here on earth, and that it will become more evident in the years immediately prior to the return of Jesus. This one aspect (described in the verse above) is a characteristic about the kingdom of heaven which will very likely have great spiritual impact on the world as we now know it.

Here in Australia, we have an astounding paradox in that the party which has consistently represented the rich calls itself the "Liberal" Party (with a capital "L"). Nevertheless, such misnomers are the stuff out of which politics, economics, and, indeed, much of religion are built. The general public is constantly bombarded with claims and counterclaims about who really has their best interests at heart. We are told that first one product and then another will bring us happiness, that first one party and then the other will bring us peace, and that first one religion and then another will bring us salvation.

But when the kingdom of heaven comes, all of the masks will be ripped away, and the truth will become known. The vile person will no longer even dare to call himself or herself "liberal". And when that happens, the public will at least be free to make a conscious choice between ultimate good and ultimate evil. What a glorious day!

Bear in mind that I am actually talking about a "day" which will also be the darkest in the history of this planet.

Prophecy tells us that an apparently liberal world ruler will come to power, but that when he has achieved power over the entire earth, he will remove his mask and reveal himself for what he is... the personification of evil. He will demand that people worship him, and he will set out to kill all those who do not. Of course the Bible also predicts that most of the population will still opt for evil rather than good (especially considering that a choice for good will very likely cost them their lives); but at least the choice will be clear. (See our book - Survivors chapters 17-19, for details.)

The devil himself will rejoice at being able to take away the mask; for he does not enjoy having to masquerade as good. But good people will also rejoice, in that we will be openly and indelibly thrown together with other genuinely good people for eternity. Never mind that we may have to die for our faith. The point is that all of the lies, deception, and double-talk will finally have come to an end.

Of course, for those who choose evil, there still will be one big deception. It will be the false belief that they will not have to answer for their actions in another life after this one. All the evil that passes for good in the world today comes from that same fundamental deception. Personal conscience repeatedly disappears in the mob mentality. And when people assume that they will not eventually be accountable for their behaviour (to a supreme and ultimate Conscience) and when the tangible earthly authorities declare evil to be acceptable, the whole earth will be plunged into the worst possible depravity.

You can see how it works even now. Listen to religionists arguing and you will only rarely pick up the feeling that they are humbly and desperately seeking the truth... that they are seriously concerned about whether or not they are right before God. Instead, you will observe that they are cleverly and often maliciously plotting strategies to overwhelm their opponents, whether or not they are right in doing so. Such faith is a lie.

Listen to the promises that politicians make during an election, as they pander to the greed, hate, and paranoia of the masses, and then watch how they all vote when it comes to a pay rise for themselves after the election is over. You will see that words like justice, democracy, and equality are just catchcries, or more appropriately, catchvotes. The first priority for each of them is their own career, their own reputation, and their own wealth. Such ideologies, too, are a lie.

Sincere people are left in a quandary. With whom do we align ourselves? Ultimately, all we can do is to align ourselves with what our own conscience tells us to do; for it is only that inward, secret alignment that really matters. As we have seen in the false hopes of religion, outward alignment with God or Jesus does little to assure genuine inward commitment to either. Nevertheless, some may align themselves with others who profess to put God first, and (in Australia at least) they will probably find themselves in the camp of those who spell Liberal with a capital "L".

Others, like ourselves, will find themselves outwardly drawn to the side of the political spectrum which talks of peace, tolerance, and aid for the poor... the sort of things that Jesus taught. We cannot help but express similar concerns. They well up from within us... from the heart of God. But at the same time, we recognise the lies that lurk beneath the liberal (lower case "L" this time) facade.

We are in a period during which we must do like the farmer in one of the parables of Jesus. We must let the weeds and the wheat grow together for a while. To denounce the high ideals of either side would be wrong. But to believe that those ideals will remain when the people preaching them gain control of the world would be spiritually stupid. Until there is a deep and fundamental change in one's relationship with God, the lies and self-deception will continue.

But the real message of this article is one of hope. Hope that a day is soon coming when the lies will stop, when we can make a totally informed choice for Good and God... whatever the cost. We long for that day, and we trust that you will too.

(See also The Love of the Left.)

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