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"I am fearfully and wonderfully made". Psalm 139:14

So often when I read scientific articles, I am struck by the impression that is given in them that we human beings have pretty well figured out the mysteries of the universe, that we understand all there is to know on a particular subject. This is most evident when reading stuff relating to evolution. Scientists take a few pieces of bone and use them to launch into lectures on how certain people lived at certain times, what they did each day, what kind of language skills they had, what they ate, their social organisation, etc. Certainly such wild conjectures are not based on scientific observations so much as good imaginations, and yet they rarely admit that.

What impresses me personally when I consider scientific evidence is just how little we actually understand about life and our experience of it. All of creation cries out to declare the existence of a Creator whose intelligence is so far above our own as to make us look like less than insects by comparison.

Take viruses and the human immune system as an example. We are told that our bodies have white blood cells that can locate alien substances and eliminate them. Sometimes these substances take the form of germs or viruses which some of the greatest scientists in the world have endeavoured to identify and combat through scientific knowledge, often with only minimal success.

And yet those white blood cells are smarter than all the scientists when it comes to identifying and eliminating germs and viruses. The common cold virus is a good example. Scientists have found ways to help us deal with the symptoms of that virus (runny nose, cough, headache, fever, etc.), but it still has not found a way to wipe out the virus itself. It leaves that job to the leucocytes (our white blood cells). Colds only ever go away when the leucocytes have successfully worked out a way to destroy them.

Much the same is true when some other virus or germ comes along. Our body's natural immune system goes to work analysing the intruder and looking for a weak point at which it can break into it and render it powerless. These little antibodies have no eyes to see what they are working on, no hands to be used in testing various substances in a laboratory, and most significantly, they have no brains with which to even understand what they are doing, and yet they repeatedly come up with answers to solve problems that baffle the entire scientific world.

And consider this: the viruses that our immune systems are fighting against are themselves so primitive as to not even be regarded as living creatures. They are little more than complex molecules, and yet they have the ability to transform themselves in their war with our bodies' immune systems. We read about it all the time, about a virus which causes a deadly flu in birds, for example, transforming itself in some way so that it can not only infect people, but so that it can transmit itself from one person to another. Scientists all over the world shake in their boots in anticipation of the day when such a virus will take on a new form, to replace an earlier one that has been beaten by a drug or antibody.

So is it an exaggeration to say that our intelligence is less than that of an insect by comparison to the one who made us? Indeed, our intelligence is less than that of a molecule (with or without a creator) when it comes to dealing with viruses. Yet we constantly congratulate ourselves on how smart we are!

Leucocytes and viruses represent just one tiny area of scientific research. Everywhere you turn, there are more such amazing mysteries that can only prove to the humble, enquiring mind, that we have been 'fearfully and wonderfully made' by some incredible Intelligence... an Intelligence that we would do well to worship and serve.

We may have different understandings of what it is that this fantastic Creator wants from us, but it is hard to believe that he did not have SOME purpose in making us, and my feeble understanding suggests that maybe he expects us to make some effort to discover what that is.
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