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I was thinking about what it is that is so special about the people who have stayed in our community, as opposed to those who have left, and I think the answer is honesty.

Yes, honesty.

I know that there is still a bit of DIShonesty as well; but at least when dishonesty (or some other fault is pointed out) eventually people own up to it and repent.

Some repent faster than others. Some go back and do the same things again more quickly than others too. But at least you repent.

Name any one of those who have left us, and then examine their life since they left. You will see precious little confession (much less repentance) of any faults. A backslider, by his or her very nature, is running away from the truth. So any semblance of honesty must be superficial at best.

But back to us.

We all seem to have our besetting sins, that we keep committing over and over and over. But as long as we recognise them, and as long as we keep working on them, there is hope. (I might add, however, that it usually takes some very deep down radical changes to really get over besetting sins, and just saying "I'll work on it" usually guarantees that it'll happen all over again very soon. But that's another story.)

The important thing is that even when it comes to dishonesty, if we are learning to be honest about our dishonesty, we are making progress. And in the meantime, I think that God is still using all of us to get the message out.

We will probably get it out even more successfully if I can just get over my besetting sin and be more positive and more appreciative of the growth that is happening all around me.

Keep it up, brothers and sisters! You're doing a great work for the kingdom of heaven.

Love in Christ, Dave

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