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It would be great if we could attract more members and become a force to be reckoned with in today's world. We would be lying if we tried to argue that we do not want to grow. But God has shown me something through a dream, which may relate to the importance of being small.

Consider all the biggest animals on earth. Virtually all of them are either extinct (the dinosaurs) or endangered (whales, elephants, tigers, gorillas, etc.) But very few of the smallest animals (especially insects) are in danger of becoming extinct.

Scientists have stated that the humble (and hated) cockroach is probably most capable of surviving an all-out nuclear war. It has something to do with the insect's simple structure. Nuclear radiation shoots millions of tiny holes in the body, which ends up making some organs unworkable. But the cockroach can go on living, and grow back missing tissue, despite radiation that would wipe out more complex species.

And think about the impact that various species of animals have on yourself. Beautiful as they are, all the whales in the ocean are not likely to affect each of us so personally as cockroaches do. Giraffes, apes, and giant squids do not impact on our lives as much as an infestation of cockroaches in the kitchen or around our rubbish bins.

Sure, we hate the cockroaches, but we cannot deny the fact that, in one way or another, they have influenced each of us. And the same is true of tiny bands of zealously obedient Christians. We anger the establishment. And if they knew exactly where to strike and make us extinct, they would probably do so. But as long as we stay small, there will be millions of holes that we can run to and hide in.

When the Tribulation comes, the system heavyweights can dance the cucaracha as they try to stamp us out, but many (if not most) of us will escape into little cracks here and there, where we will survive to re-emerge and fight another day. We will keep coming back, like the plagues of Egypt, to torment them spiritually with our constant reminders of their disobedience to Jesus.

And it will only be possible because we did not grow into a huge organisation. So stay faithful, and take heart that you are part of something that is bigger than a single organism. You are part of God's faithful army of obedient individuals.

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