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Some writings in this book come from a group formerly called The Children of God. (They now call themselves The Family.) We are grateful for many of the truths which God has revealed to us through their writings. We have not, however, accepted all of their teachings. Nobody is perfect, and they are no exception.

We have, therefore, left out those teachings with which we disagree, and have added to others in an effort to understand exactly what Jesus Christ (our real Leader) was saying.  We hope others will do the same with our teachings, so that each generation will move closer to perfect Truth. We can only do this by being loyal to Christ and to truth more than to any human leader. We are not children of any human leader; for we have only one Father, and that is God.

Our teachings have one important difference to the teachings of The Family. The Family teach members to 'share' sex partners as an expression of 'love'.

We cannot agree with this, and feel it is an error, based on (1) a widespread belief that God's "grace" frees us from obedience to his "rules"; and (2) a popular belief that people must have sex to survive.

We believe God's rules are an expression of his grace; any attempt to break his rules only leads to heartache and disappointment. We also believe that there are legitimate ways of dealing with sexual frustrations (masturbation) without engaging in sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

As you read through this book you may find other subtle differences in our beliefs; however, what is most important is that you will discover God's exciting answers to many of life's most fundamental questions.

Please do not judge our message by us. If we are not fully practicing what we preach, then let it serve only as a reminder to you not to put your faith in us. But if what we are saying is true (regardless of whether or not we are perfectly practising it), please respond to the message and the truth contained in it. And as you do, you will be responding to God.

You Gotta be a Baby to go to Heaven!

Jesus Christ talked about something called the "kingdom of heaven". But he said that if we don't become like little children, we'll never be able to understand what this is. (Luke 18:17) Most people think the kingdom of heaven is a religion when it's really an attitude. (Luke 17:20-21)

Jesus talked to a religious man (Nicodemus) and said he would have to start all over again (i.e. be "born again") if he wanted to see this kingdom of heaven. (John 3:3) Nicodemus' religious prejudices stopped him from receiving what Jesus had to say. (John 3:11-12)

We have all been brainwashed by our society (including the religious institutions within our society) into believing things which are totally opposite to the values and principles of the kingdom of heaven. We must let go of all that, and start over again as little children sitting at the feet of Jesus, if we want to discover the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.  
This book will introduce you to some of those exciting principles.
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