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Then one weekend he had to go away on an important business trip.  He took his wife with him.  They hired a babysitter and left the children in her care.  On the first night they called to see how things were going.  The babysitter was busy making love to her boyfriend, so she hung up on the parents.

The parents contacted neighbours, who went to see what was happening.  The children were fighting in the yard and they threw stones at the neighbours, driving them away.

Realising that the situation was serious, the father sent his wife to straighten things out.  By this time, the babysitter and her boyfriend had convinced the children that they could have the house to themselves without any interference from the parents if they just disposed of the mother.  So they killed their own mother!

What do you think the father will do to the babysitter and his children when he returns?

* * *

This story is based on one that Jesus Christ told in Matthew 21:33-46.  It showed how ridiculous it is for religious people to think they can get away with disobeying the rules just because God is invisible, and because he is very slow about punishing those who disobey him.  

A day is coming when we are all going to have to answer for what we have been doing while Jesus has been away. This book is a warning to God's children everywhere, to be ready when he comes.

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