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It is a big job for us as parents to know the best approach in these situations. We want our children to be confident, popular, friendly, and socially adept. But we do not want them to give in to peer pressure and outside influences that will do them harm. 

We need to teach children to be tolerant of other beliefs and customs at the same time that we teach them to hold strongly to their own beliefs in matters of conscience.

As children of God we have the same task. We must find the center line between self-righteous exclusivism on the one hand and gullible acceptance of everything that is being taught these days on the other hand.  As often happens, we have found that the truth is extreme on both sides, calling on us to listen sympathetically to just about everything; but also calling on us to spot the errors in just about everything as well. 
This booklet helps to give the picture on both sides.
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