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Doug would use his lunch period to preach to people in the streets. And then one Sunday, he accepted an invitation to preach in a small church. He had barely begun when he collapsed and died. His young wife calmly came to his side, but he was already in heaven as he had so often told people he would be.
Shortly before Doug died, he wrote the following words:

"Where will you spend eternity? Many say, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!" How foolish. The thought of heaven appeals to us, but to be there, we must come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ is the test of every man and woman. Think of spending eternity with Jesus, where he will wipe away every tear. Take heed to the gospel now, and embrace the message from God. Then you can have peace in your soul for now and all of eternity".

These might not be the same words that we would use, but the thought is the same. People worry so much about their physical bodies and their physical needs, when what really matters is that we use the strength and time that we now have to prepare for a much greater body, which will live eternally.

Who wouldn't trade all the pills, creams, diets, and medical experts in the world for a medicine that would give immortality?

And who wouldn't be happy to give all that they have to obtain such a cure?

Christ himself has made such an offer; but he demands all that you have before he will give it. And almost no one is willing to pay that price!
Oh, they profess faith in Christ's divinity and talk loudly about his sacrificial death; but when it comes to the test ­taking the "medicine" that is indicated by his teachings the world has shown its total lack of faith in him.

On the next two pages are just a few of the things that he told his followers to do. How many people follow the "doctor's orders" when it comes to these sort of things? But the sad truth is that no amount of theological jargon can get around lack of faith in what the Son of God has said.

Are you prepared to risk eternity on your ability to talk your way out of what Christ has told us to do? Or will you come with us and fall on the rock of Christ's teachings? Will you let them break you and make you into the new creation that he would like to make of you?  An immortal, indestructible child of God!

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