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When there was such a hullabaloo in the British media about us last year (2000), the question came up about how big we are. Our enemies had convinced the media that we were a huge threat to the nation, if not to the world.

There was an almost audible shock throughout the corridors of power when we revealed that our total membership in all of Europe was just two people (not counting four-year-old Danny) and that our worldwide membership was little more than a dozen people. We are sure that our worst enemies still think we are lying about how small we are. The short answer is that we are not lying. But there is a longer answer, which needs to be addressed if you are to get the bigger picture.

There is a movement which is happening right now, throughout the world, of which we are only a part. There are thousands of people involved in it. We believed this in theory many years ago, but for most of our history we were not able to find any of the other parts of that movement. We would, on rare occasions, come across another lost sheep stumbling about in the darkness, and we would take that sheep into our fellowship. But we, and the lost sheep, did not know of anyone else who was teaching people to obey the teachings of Jesus.

We have, however, picked up a clue here and a glimpse there of the movement in recent years. It really is happening! And we have come to see that it is a supernatural movement which has been supernaturally divided for many years. In part, this division has been for our own protection. We are each being trained to fight a spiritual guerrilla war. Guerrilla armies, which have no single headquarters and no single leader, are almost impossible to wipe out. When you wipe out one cadre, another pops up.

Not even torture can reveal who the other members of the movement are, much less who the various leaders are, because none of us knows. We have been isolated into small units, with each unit responsible directly to a supreme, but invisible, Commander. As we stated above, this has, in part, occurred for our own good.

But there are also hints that the Supreme Commander is marshalling his troops in preparation for a concentrated spiritual assault on those same corridors of power, and to do that, he will need to start forging some links between some of the individual units. In this present situation, the system authorities do not know whether to fear us or to dismiss us as insignificant. They too sense that we are bigger than what we say, at the same time that they cannot prove it.

In the meantime, we, and others like us, need to consider our own role in all of this. While our separation from one another has been supernatural, it has not all been supernaturally good. The glimpses that we have had of others who are teaching obedience to Jesus Christ have been limited to glimpses, because there is also a lot of fear and hatred and dishonesty and pride and rebellion which keeps one group separated from another. The Commander has tolerated it, because it has actually helped him to deal individually with his troops, developing a loyalty to the Cause more than to the other members of the team. But he has also ordered us to pray that we may be One with one another, even as we are becoming one with him.

A supernatural army is forming around the world. By world standards it is still laughably small. But it is far bigger than our paltry handful of members. Like the army that King David used to withstand the forces of King Saul, it is largely made up of misfits and malcontents. But our King is going to knock the rough edges off those malcontents in the next few years and join these dry, dead bones together into the most powerful spiritual force the world has ever seen.

It is an exciting time to be alive, and it is an exciting movement to be a part of. The time of the end is approaching, and we are going to be a part of it. We are already starting to see some of the ancient prophecies come together, and it's going to culminate in the return of our Leader to rule the world. He will do so with a "rod of iron", and we will be his agents and governors. Call it delusion if you like, but it is happening, and even our enemies sense it. The gauntlet is being thrown down, and people are being forced to choose. Either you will choose to be on the side of faith and truth and love and humility, or you will be overcome by your fears, your lies, your hate, and your pride.

If you choose faith and truth and love and humility, you will be forced to confront all of your fears, repent of all your deceptions, turn loose of all your bitterness, and smash all of your pride. Everything you cling to will be taken away from you. But in return, you will become a part of that great endtime army. You may not be allowed access to our particular branch or tribe, but in time you will come to see that we each are a part of the same great army, fighting for the same great Cause.

So, let us go back to the original question: How big are we? If you mean the people who call themselves Jesus Christians, then we are not much more than a dozen troops. But we are part of a supernatural army of thousands. Much of the army already exists, but it is separated by pride and greed and fear at the moment. As those barriers crumble, a supernatural revolution will take place. And it is starting to happen already. Don't miss out!

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