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Friends often complain that they don't have enough faith to quit their jobs, forsake their possessions, and/or live some kind of a Spartan life-style that they imagine we are living. Perhaps if they had a better understanding of what we are doing, it might not seem so hard. In many ways we are having the time of our lives.

Take jobs for example: If you really like yours, then keep it. We only quit ours because we found something better to do. We have a greater sense of fulfilment now. Much of it comes from not being bullied around by thoughts of making money.

Strangely enough, the thing that keeps most people in jobs they hate (the money) is the very thing that makes the job so unbearable. We do heavy work, boring work, dirty work, complex work--all the things we hated doing before. But now everything we do is an expression of freedom from, rather than bondage to, a pay packet.

"If we didn't have the pay, we'd starve!" say our friends. Obviously we haven't. Money can take you around the world and buy you good food and comfortable accommodation. But we seem to be the ones doing all the jet-setting, while our friends stay home working in jobs they hate! Their money goes into bigger boxes to drive to work in, and sleep in between shifts.

Stereos, TVs, and appliances are all attempts to make this prison more bearable. And even if they do travel, they don't really know what to do when they get there.

Once again, we see that what people cling to (possessions and the money that buys them) are reflections of their misery rather than true sources of happiness. We were destined to work for love, but the human race has sold its birthright for a few trinkets. To find real happiness, you need only forsake the false illusions long enough to start a life of full-time service to God and others.

Life for us can be hard at times, and one day we will be called on to die for what we believe. But everyone has hardships and everyone dies. How much better to have a cause that makes it all worthwhile.

The disciplines of our life-style are not harder than those needed to achieve any worthwhile goal. Even success in a system job requires patience, punctuality, humility, and enthusiasm.

In our job, however, we each receive an equal share in decision-making as well as equal recognition for our combined success or failure. One individual can really make a difference. We're much more than pawns; we're training as leaders... for when Jesus returns to rule the world through love!

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