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We try to offer advice on various subjects - communication, economics, world affairs... By following the teachings of Jesus we have found ourselves in situations, and discovered bits of wisdom, which help us to arrive at fairly good solutions to a lot of problems. But history will show that much of our advice is debatable, and some may even be downright wrong.

Much that we do is only tradition. It has grown out of our desire to follow Jesus, but it is incidental to our real purpose at this point in human history.

Our job is to point people back to the teachings of Jesus--in particular, forsaking all and living by faith. These are undeniably fundamental ingredients in Christianity. Yet we know of no-one who is teaching people to forsake all and live by faith today. If there is a God at all, and if Jesus is really his Son, then what we are doing is the most important thing that is happening in the world today.

In a few short years a handful of young, uneducated amateurs have attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. If we can stay faithful to our fundamental mission, and remember that every other project or teaching must spring from and eventually lead back to that message of obedience to Jesus , then we can confidently expect that the Creator of the universe will continue to open doors for us to be heard. Kings, presidents, and prime ministers will become progressively more interested in what we have to say, even if that interest only becomes an obsession with wiping us out.

We are spiritually invincible as long as we stay true to our calling. Everything they throw at us (even our death) will turn into further success in spreading our message. As the Bible promises, "All things work together for good to those who... are called according to God's purpose." (Romans 8:28)

We have been called according to God's purpose, which is what is so exciting about our mission. Yet this mission is not restricted to our tiny band. Others can (and will) partake of it before it is completed.

Why settle for such trivial goals as world empires when you could be building a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and which will rule over all the lesser kingdoms of earth?

This is our mission.

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