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The system has used both religion and politics to divert idealistic youth away from the only truly revolutionary ideology ever created.

Religion has made the truth impotent by turning it into meaningless rituals. Its real agenda is hidden. In league with the State, it aims to make idealistic youth into loyal systemites. Nothing could be less revolutionary.

Political ideologies of both the right and left have taken some truths and made them into platforms from which to condemn the truths of the other side. The sins of the establishment are all to be found in the replacements being offered politically.

The problem with society is essentially spiritual, so the solutions requires a revolution of the spirit. Any political ideology that cannot change the inner motivations and attitudes of people cannot lead to lasting change. Conversely, no political power can stop the changes in society that will take place when spiritual revolution affects people's attitudes and motivation.

Jesus taught a complete reversal of the motivations that most take for granted. Instead of producing for greed or fear, people in his kingdom produce because of love and a desire to contribute to others. This approach represents a bigger threat to the system than all other ideologies combined. People who are immune to greed and fear, although apparently powerless, actually possess far greater power than the system. The church and state recognised this danger in Jesus and worked together to eliminate him (John 19:12). But it is the nature of this spiritual power to increase under persecution. The result was that his message spread throughout the world.

The revolutionary kingdom of heaven does not depend on the changing whims of an electorate. It can be achieved right here and now by individuals who decide to do all that they do only for love, abandoning all material ties in surrender to this love. The more we live out this reality of working for love and trusting God for our material needs, the more the kingdom of heaven manifests itself visibly here on earth, right now!

This is no pie in the sky religion. This is the only fully revolutionary answer to the world's problems. And, because it works best under persecution, there is nothing that can stop it.

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