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Jesus said there would be many people coming in his name and claiming his authority, but that we should not go after them. In the church today are many teachings that de-emphasise Jesus, and elevate others.

1. John 14:6 Jesus is the way. Not religious affiliation; not theology; not religious experience. It is through the sacrificial death of Jesus that he has earned the right to give eternal life to all who have sincere faith in God... regardless of their religion.

2. Matthew 7:24-27 The wise man. It is not enough to hear Jesus. We must also obey his teachings, as contained in the Sermon on the Mount. Anyone teaching that we do not need to obey Jesus is a foolish man building his faith on sand.

3. Ephesians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:6 Jesus the Cornerstone. Every other stone must line up with the cornerstone. If the apostles or the prophets are quoted in opposition to Jesus, we must follow Jesus in preference to them.

4. Luke 20:17-18; Matthew 21:42-44 Let his teaching 'break' you. The church leaders have thrown out Jesus' teaching because they are difficult. It's true that they'll 'break' us, but it's better than being ground to powder when Jesus returns!

5. 1 Timothy 2:5 One Mediator. We do not need a priest or pastor to take the place of Jesus, especially if they are found to be arguing against the teachings of Jesus.

6. Romans 3:4 Let God be true. 'If Jesus is right, why isn't anyone obeying him?' Do not listen to this argument. The truth is the truth, whether or not anyone obeys it.

7. Galatians 1:7-8 Damn Paul if he contradicts Jesus. Don't let people use Paul's life/teachings as an excuse to disobey Jesus.

8. Luke 6:46, Luke 13:24-27, Matthew 7:21-23 Lord, Lord people. The churches gush about how much they love Jesus, but they almost always reject his teachings.

9. John 12:48 His teachings will judge us. When we stand before God, he'll ask what we have done with the teachings of Jesus. They are the standard by which we'll be judged.

10. Mark 8:38, Luke 9:23-26 Ashamed of his teachings. When we bend his teachings to conform to our selfish desires, we are ashamed of him, and he'll be ashamed of us.

11. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus never changes. Some say the teachings of Jesus were only for the Jews, and not for the church. They say we should follow only Paul. No way!

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