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We have been challenged to preach the "gospel" without the teachings of Jesus. But (according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) the teachings of Jesus are the gospel.

One approach to salvation says we can do nothing to earn it, and all God really wants is for us to stop trying to be righteous, and accept the forgiveness he has offered through Christ's death.

These same people then set about replacing everything they have supposedly been saved from. Water baptism replaces circumcision; tithes and offerings replace animal sacrifices; secular laws replace Jewish laws; Paul replaces Moses; and going to church replaces going to the synagogue. It's just Judaism with a new coat of paint.

The second approach to salvation says faith in Jesus will lead to a new set of disciplines which become the "means of grace". In other words, if one is faithful in following the new set of rules, God will forgive all other sins.

Unfortunately, the teachings of Jesus still get tossed out... thus making the new religion no better than the old one.

We have taken the best (and most scriptural) of both teachings. We are totally forgiven (not only for past sins, but even for future sins). This forgiveness was made possible through Jesus. We do not even need to perform a ritual of acceptance to receive this forgiveness. It's as easy to accept as it is to accept that you are alive.

When you really start believing that, a chain reaction is triggered off. In response to this unconditional love of God, we have dedicated our entire lives to following Jesus and making his teachings known around the world. In His teachings we have found a new non-religious approach to people everywhere. It makes little difference if people are atheists, Hindus, Mormons, Catholics, or Pentecostals. All that matters is that God loves them as they are.

In the teachings of Jesus we have also found an escape from the economic slavery that controls the world. We have discovered that the Creator of the universe is a loving Father, who provides for the needs of his children if we will spend our lives doing his will and loving others.

There is much more, but maybe this is enough to show that it is all the gospel ("good news") and it all stems from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

(See also Amazing Grace.)

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