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Jesus said ''I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly'' (John 10:10  )

Most church goers take this to mean that the abundant life is wealth and money, and lots of it! The prosperity gospel is popular, even though it flies in the face of everything Jesus taught about not working for money (Matthew 6:24 ), about forsaking all our wealth (Luke 14:33 ), about it being the POOR (Luke 6:20 , Matthew 5:3 ) who will receive the Kingdom of God, and about how, unless we choose to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow him (Mark 8:34 ), building our house on the rock of his teaching. (Matthew 7:26-27 )

Granted, when we do forsake all and start living by faith, oftentimes God gives us 'wealth', but what marks the difference is that it is coming as a gift FROM God, to be used FOR God according to HIS will, and not wealth we have created by prostituting our lives to whoever wants to pony up the cash.

As Jesus Christians we live an incredibly abundant life, even though by the world's standards, at least as far as the West is concerned, it is a poor one.

But, the purpose of me writing this was not to focus on wealth as it is defined by possessions and money, but as it is defined by the lack of these things. Though circumstances, material things, and good food can bring satisfaction to our lives and contribute to our abundance, they all pass, whereas I think true wealth (true abundance) must be something more lasting.

Jesus says he has come to give us an abundant life, so when does that start? What do you think you need in order to have an abundant life? Surely the abundant life Jesus is talking about is something right here and now, and NOT dependent on money or possessions coming to us in the future. Jesus wants us to have an abundant life, and like a lot of what he taught, there is a paradox. It is in forsaking everything we own and in choosing to stop working for money, that it comes (for life is what we are throwing away while we chase the things we need and want).

Most people will argue, ''But then you'll be poor...what will you have then...what will you be able to do''.

Well, quite a lot actually! When we let go of the desire to control our lives and start to live by faith, then God really does give us an abundant life.

That abundant life may come in terms of more travelling, in speaking to thousands of people a week, in learning new skills, contributing to projects, inspiring people with music or art, helping under-privileged people to read, seeing different places each day, being out doors breathing the air instead of being couped up in an office all day, or kicking back with some fellow brothers and sisters and having a relaxing drink whilst playing cards!

But, the abundant life is most noticeably found (IMO), in simply trying to show love to others and to God. Realizing that his love (intangible as it is) and our reflection of it, is ALL that we really need. When we know this, is there any time that your life is not abundant, full of his life, love and grace?

'' having nothing, and yet possessing all things''. 2 Cor 6:10
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