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The trillions of dollars that governments are pouring into the so-called “economy” is neither containing the virus nor creating resources.

We do need to separate this boogeyman we call “the economy” from actual resources, and a long hard look at money is the way to do it. We use money simply because we do not trust other people. Everything we could do, we could do for nothing, and if everyone else did the same thing, the world would actually be BETTER off, because we would continue to have all the essentials, but a lot of the work we do would no longer be needed, e.g. banks, casinos, debt collecting, etc.

So yes, let’s ignore the false gods of “economy” and “money” and just work on producing and sharing “essentials”… more or less like we are doing now.

Here is a video I made last year on the question of how the world would operate if we all worked for love instead of working for money. Be warned! It actually comes from my understanding of what Jesus Christ said about something he called “the kingdom of heaven”. What If Everyone Did It? (Follow Jesus The Way We Should)

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