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In this book we are printing some of the teachings of a radical religious group that began in the United States during the late 1960's.  They called themselves The Children of God.  They were the avant garde of a movement known as "The Jesus Revolution".  They were hated and rejected by the religious establishment at that time. Persecution eventually reached the point where they were forced to change their name to escape it.

We represent a small remnant of that group, which still clings to the truths taught by The Children of God in the early days of their history.  But we are not living in the past.

We have rejected some of the teachings which crept into that movement, in particular the teaching that sex outside of marriage is okay as long as it is offered in a spirit of love.  And we have added new revelations which God has given to us as his children today.

We new children of God will be hated by the establishment, i.e. by the older "children", but it will not stop us.  We are here to do our Father's will and we pray that we may be faithful in that task.
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