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Baby Book Two

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Older children often go through a period of jealousy when new children arrive in a family. This has been particularly true of the spiritual family of God.
Throughout history each new move of God has been resisted by the status quo of the former movement.

Jesus Christ never said to build church buildings.  He said to love God and others, put God's kingdom first, forsake all, and go into all the world preaching the good news. (Matthew 22:37-39; Matthew 6:33; Luke 14:33; Mark 16:15)

There are two kinds of dropouts: some for wrong reasons--some for right reasons; some for the wrong System--some for the right System. Which are you? You're one or the other!
The world's first dropout was Lucifer, who decided to do his own thing instead of God's thing, and persuaded the next two dropouts, Adam and Eve to do the same.

(To the old church): Look at this little one, my infant church.  She has come out of the false church and will not touch the uncleanness of self-righteousness that it represents.  These are my ragged hungry ones, who love me and not my wealth, who dwell by me in humility, obeying my slightest command.  They shall be protected through all those things which shall come to pass.

Do you believe that we are right in what we have been saying?  Do you believe it is consistent with what Jesus Christ taught?  If so, what do you personally plan to do about it?  You have just two choices.  Act on it or procrastinate.

In these final few pages we will change from quoting the writings of The Children of God to making some comments in our own words about the general subject of relationships between people in the churches and ourselves.

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