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I will make a nation of these who did not seek to build a denomination. All they want is to serve me. They will sing my name even in the midst of adversity.

BB2 14The old uniform of respectability will be re-moved. I will give a new look to my new children. They will obey me and only me. I will use weak and foolish things to bring to nothing the wisdom of those who think they are wise.

That which has been despised by the world will be honoured by me. That which was the lowliest will become the most exalted.

Why don't you return to me? Why don't you repent of your spiritual whoredom? You say "We have not been unfaithful." But the truth is that you have had many lovers, including your own self-righteousness, and pride, and respect of persons. You seek honour from the System, but it will destroy you. They shall strip you. They shall burn your palaces with fire. They shall take away your power & wealth.

I am married to you, O backsliding daughter. I wanted you to return to me, but you would not. Because of this, you will die in your sin.

(To the new church): She is jealous of your good works. Her house is desolate, so she attacks you. Your good works embarrass her.  But in rejecting you, she also rejects Me.

How often I would have gathered her into my bosom, but she would not let me.

But you are the ones who truly love me, not these who try to save their reputations by compromising with the System. You have been obedient to my every command. You are my children because you do the will of my Father.
BB2 17Not those who claim to be my children, but who refuse to obey me. They honour themselves, obey their leaders, and lift their organisation's name on high, but their relationship with me is one in name only.

They claim to be my children, but what they build is their own empire. Such 'sacrifices' without obedience are as bad as witchcraft and idolatry.

Their temples are abominations, the temples of devils. Their offerings are a stench in my nostrils. Their luke-warmness sickens me.

(To the old church): I cannot bear your abominations, but if even one of you would cry to me, I would pluck you out, as I did in the days when you yourselves were a new church, in the days before you became proud of your good works and your spotless reputation.

If I choose to turn from you to this new little one I am only doing what is my right to do.
Do not harm my little ones. Do not reject my prophets. Listen to my anointed ones!

BB2 15These young, new, teachable ones follow me wherever I go and are not contaminated by the false values of the world as you are. They will not leave me as you have done in your hour of power. You are in love with yourselves.

(To the new church): Beware! The old church will say she is your mother; that you must get clearance from her before you can speak; that it is evil of you to dishonour her; that you are nothing without her. She'll say, "We've done great works in Christ's name. We're children of God too."

But I will say to her, "Depart from me, you workers of iniquity. I never knew you. I was hungry and you gave me no food, thirsty and you gave me no drink, in prison and you did not visit me, naked and you did not clothe me. Instead, you doted upon yourselves and chased after the friendship and support of the rich."

BB2 16The old church left me long ago and does not even know it. She is so in love with herself that she has no relationship with me at all any more.
But do not forget that my mercy endures forever. Though she rejects you, if she would yet turn now, I would still have mercy on her.

So do not be like her, seeking revenge for the wrongs you have received at her hands. Pray for her that she may repent. And if she does, I will again be her Father.

But you, my faithful little ones whom she has buffeted, you will be raised to everlasting glory for your faithfulness to me in these troublous times

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