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I'm not advocating loose morals now. In fact, I'm still very conservative with regard to sex. But I think there needs to be more simple, honest sex education.

Nerds are led to believe that godly people don't have periods, sexual fantasies, or erections. If sex is mentioned at all, it is in such obscure terms that young people pretty well have to know the facts of life in advance just to be able to translate what is being said; and it is with such piety that one can hardly admit toPAGE02 having a wet dream without being a candidate for an exorcism.

All of this secrecy about sex contradicts the Christian message of grace and truth. Knowing that we are forgiven should enable us to be more honest than the average person, more confident, more forgiving, and more informed. But too often the opposite is true, and we are forced into a hypocritical world of secret guilt and double standards.

One day, after I was married and had a family, God spoke very clearly to me. He said, "You have as much freedom as you have the faith to take." Such a message produced an immediate feeling of panic. I had imagined that deep within me was a suppressed sex fiend struggling to get out. If I were to believe the message literally, this awful side of me would almost certainly take over and lead me into a life of sexual depravity. How could I ever believe that such a message was from God!

Yet I was confident that the message about freedom had come from God. I could choose to accept it and grow, or reject it and stagnate.

I decided to trust God to forgive me for whatever might happen as a result of believing that I was totally forgiven and totally free. And from that point on I made the wonderful discovery that, although I thoroughly enjoyed sex, I really was not interested in having sex with anyone except my wife.

As a consequence of this, I am no longer afraid of the "temptation" that sexual frankness might bring. I am not intimidated by people who flaunt their sexual liberation; for I know that there is nothing that they have done that I am not free to do. It's just that I have concluded with God's help that nothing can beat the great relationship I have with my wife.

How different this is from the nagging conviction that non-Christians are having all the fun.

I am still different from the non-Christian world; but it is the result of my commitment to truth now, and not a consequence of my commitment to religious lies about sex.

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