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Watch almost any situation comedy on TV and you will find that more jokes are made about sex than any other subject. The whole topic is so full of contradictions that it leads to comic (if not tragic) situations for most of us throughout our lives. We are told that sex is beautiful and sacred at the same time that it is dirty and nasty.

As a child I sensed that I was a nerd. My parents said it was only because I was a Christian, and that I was suffering for my faith.  Years later I learned that at least part of the problem came from false teachings in the church especially in the area of sex education.

When I was 12 , I joined the Church of the Nazarene, a small "holiness" denomination in the United States. I made a sacred promise that I would abide by the rules of the church. I didn't bother to read the rules before making the promise because I had been raised in that denomination and thought I knew everything that it taught. But a year or two later, I decided to have a read through the fat black "manual" that served as the Bible for this church.

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention the Bible during a discussion about sex is a list of "Thou shalt nots". We will get to them later. But the very first command from God to the human race was to have sex. "Be fruitful and multiply," he said to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Where would we be without holes? You've got seven holes in your head. Count 'em! If it weren't for those seven holes, you couldn't eat or taste or smell or hear or see or even breathe!  Holes are almost an endless subject because there are so many of them. Your blood vessels are holes and your lungs are holes, and your heart's got big holes in it for the blood to flow in and out.

In today's permissive society there are few taboos left. Teenagers are educated in areas of sex that would have shocked and embarrassed many married couples in previous centuries. Fantasies are discussed freely; and films become more and more explicit. Premarital sex is virtually the norm. Homosexuality, S&M, group sex, wife swapping--all can be freely discussed in polite society now. More concern is registered over someone making a value judgment against such practices than whether or not someone indulges in them.

Now we are going to deal with some of God's "thou shalt not's". It is helpful if we can understand why each rule was made in the first place. God doesn't make rules to torment us. He makes them for our own good, and for our happiness.

In the name of "grace", the church today excuses or overlooks almost all forms of sexual immorality. 
Respected "teachers" write books to justify disobedience to all that Christ taught on the subject. These teachers are expressing the spirit of the false prophetess, Jezebel; but they don't mind, because their gods are wealth and popularity, not Jesus.

Liberal social trends have led the church astray; but some conservative traditions have blinded and confused many people as well.  Many of these have to do with the wedding ceremony. Exchanging rings, making vows, spending a lot of money, and signing papers are not the essential ingredients for a successful marriage.

There is so much more that we could say, but we've come to the last page. As we said earlier, it is not easy to make universal statements with regard to sex. However, there are some universal attitudes which may help you in arriving at your own conclusions about what is right or wrong.

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