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Your navel is a hole. You would not have been able to be a baby without it. And each bosom of your mother is a hole that the PAGE10baby gets milk from. You lived in a hole inside your mother called the uterus, for nine months before you were born, and you were born through a hole, called a vagina. If it hadn't been for that hole, your mummy never could have had you and your daddy never could have made you inside her. Because his penis has a hole and her vagina is a hole, and he puts his penis in her vagina and a seed comes out of the hole in his penis to join with a tiny egg in your mummy's uterus, and it grows into a baby.

Our bodies are full of holes. And the world is full of holes too. If it weren't for holes, there wouldn't be any plants, because they all grow in holes in the ground. And all the lakes and oceans are just holes in the ground that are full of water. Even a rain barrel is a hole.

You should never feel bad if you feel like a big nothing, because a hole looks like a nothing too, and yet it really is important. Look at a zero. It looks like a hole. But it isn't a nothing. If you add it to a one, it becomes a 10. And if you add five more it becomes a million.

The whole world is made of circles called atoms, and they're made of more circles called neutrons, electrons and protons, which are nothing but electricity. Nobody knows what electricity looks like, because it's invisible. All you can do is feel it, because it's just plain energy -- a nothing that is really something!

Electricity makes electrons and neutrons and protons go around in circles very very quickly and this makes an atom. And if you take a few of these and put them together, you get a molecule. All the world is made of these little circles of energy called atoms. Think of it!  They're just holes full of nothing but energy; yet the whole world is made from them -- a world made of nothing but energy.

The earth itself is a big ball of holes, from the tiniest little atom to Mammoth Cave and the Grand Canyon. In fact the earth is a hollow ball full of fire. And every now and then the fire comes out through holes called volcanoes.  And we get coal and diamonds and all kinds of minerals like gold and silver and copper and iron out of holes in the ground called mines. And all of these useful and valuable things are made of atoms. Remember, the atoms are just hollow balls of energy, and each ball is just a hole surrounded by a circle. So they're mostly nothing. Isn't that amazing?

Everything is more nothing than anything else. Like the universe is mostly space, a great big hole full of nothing except for a few tiny little particles called planets and stars, suns and moons and things like that. We think they are big, but they are very very small compared to all that nothing called space. Space is a great big hole that is so big we don't even know where it all ends. So much nothing!

So you see, there is more nothing than anything else. And even the somethings are made mostly out of nothing. So don't feel bad if you feel like a nothing, because there wouldn't be anything without the nothings. God says he even hung the world on nothing. And he says he made the world out of nothing. So God makes the nothings into something for him. You know that?  If you can believe God, everything is possible, because he makes everything out of nothing--even you and me. He takes our nothing and makes it into something. He's like the circle around the nothing that makes it something. With God all around you, even your nothing can be something.

So the next time you see a hole, remember that it wouldn't even be a hole if there wasn't something around it. And remember that you are just like that hole. If you don't have God around you, you're going to be absolutely nothing--not even a hole. But if you do have God around you, you can be anything, because he made everything out of nothing.  The more nothing that you can become for God, the more full of holes you will become. And the more full of holes you are, the more holy you will be! Pretty good, eh?

How did I get to thinking about holes anyway? It must have been the Holy Spirit.

The poet Emily Dickenson once wrote:

"I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody too? Then there is a pair of us! They'd banish us if they knew! How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog! To tell your name the livelong day to an admiring bog!"

That means that all the big somebodies think they're really something; but they wouldn't be anything without us nothings!

A house is a hole that you live in. If it didn't have holes called doors and windows, you couldn't get in or out, and you couldn't get light and air in. Jesus called himself a hole: The door! He said "Behold (that means use those two holes in the front of your head. Open them and look at what he's saying!) Behold! I am the door!" That means I am the hole you gotta go through to get into God's house. There isn't any other hole you can go through. Have you entered God's house through Jesus--the Door?

And you know what love is? It's a hole that needs to be filled plus something to fill it with. All holes are made for something, and God's got something for you somewhere! But if you think you're something when you're really nothing you can't get anything. The Bible says, "God satisfies the hungry heart, but sends the rich away empty!" So be glad you're a hole, because God can fill your nothing with something and he likes to fill all the empty holes with something good. If it were full already, he couldn't give you anything. Who ever heard of filling anything except a hole? You can't fill anything that's already full of itself.

There's so much I could say about holes, but why don't you say something about some holes that you know of? Then you can finish by singing "Holy Holy, Holy!" It's a very holy song, because you gotta be full of holes to be holy, right? You gotta be nothing to be something. Please be one of God's little holes, so he can fill you with his Holy Spirit. Holelelujah! Get it?

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