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Nothing matters more to most parents than the health and comfort of their children. It is easier to suffer yourself than to watch a small child suffer. On the whole, God wants his children to be healthy too.

There is a fundamental link between physical healing and the kingdom of heaven. If you took out of the Gospels every account of Jesus Christ performing a healing, there would be very little left. Healing seemed to be an important part of his ministry.In the passage quoted above we have Christ commanding his followers to do what he himself had spent so much of his time doing, and that was to "heal the sick..."

Around the turn of the century, a religious movement (pentecostalism) began, which stressed the miraculous intervention of God in healing. It was strongly supported by Christian scripture. Printed below is a diagram of the Gospel According to Mark.

Every patient treated by a doctor still dies in the end. The same could be said for any patient treated by a faith healer, or by Christ himself.  The healing ministry is not an end in itself.

A placebo (prounounced plah-SEE-boe) is a sugar pill or something similar which is given to a patient with the understanding that it will bring about an improvement in health, even though the person giving it knows that it has no medical value. It has been shown that something like 20% of the general public will report an improvement in their health after taking a placebo.

It is better to be single than to be married (1 Corinthians 7:6-9; Matthew 19:10-12).
On the basis of the teaching referred to above, Catholics forbid marriage for priests; while Protestants pretty much ignore this teaching altogether, encouraging their children from an early age to get married and raise a family. Consequently, unmarried pastors are about as rare as married priests.

Most of us don't think of things like attitudes, values, friendships, and stress when we talk about health. But there are areas of health which are influenced by these factors much more than they are influenced by pills and diet. We will now touch on just a few issues relating to mental health.

Cognitive Dissonance is mental tension caused by contradictory information that the brain receives. Here is an example:If your name is Joe Bloggs, but people start calling you John Doe, your brain searches for an explanation. It doesn't like this "dissonance" and it craves an explanation. Too much contradictory information like this can cause a mental breakdown. So our brains will go to great lengths to make sense out of these contradictions.Below is a simple illustration of cognitive dissonance and cognitive consonance.

I recently read one of those very plain, unillustrated tracts which are often left lying around public places by keen evangelicals. It told the story of Doug Rose, a 23-year-old glazier, who would often answer questions about how he was going or what was new by saying that he was going to heaven soon.

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